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At  Gainesville Locksmith we are family owned and have had literally a  lifetime of experience in and around the locksmith business. Both Paul Mandeville and wife Susan Blackburn-Mandeville's fathers were locksmiths  and we have grown up in the trade. Now a third generation of the  Mandeville family is working in the business. We eat sleep and breathe  this business and take pride in what we do. We view this as a craft and  not a job. We are your full service mobile locksmiths. While we  specialize as an automotive locksmith providing services such as lock  outs, car key replacement and transponder ("chip") keys, we also provide  residential and commercial locksmith service.  You can  expect the highest quality of workmanship from us which includes time  tested methods which are from before many of our competitors’ time as  well as cutting edge technological practices which look toward the  future. When you call Gainesville Locksmith you can expect not only  prompt, courteous service at a reasonable, competitive price, but also  top notch workmanship. We think you will find ours to be a number you  want to call again so save it in your phone because you never know when  you might need us.


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At Gainesville Locksmith we are three  generations strong in the locksmith craft. We practice only methods  which are sound and professional. Many of our less seasoned competitors  use methods which, while possibly expedient, can be insecure or even  damaging to property. For example, most towing services and now many  locksmiths use a method called “door jacking” for auto lockouts which is  the practice of placing a modified blood pressure cuff or other prying  device at the top of the door in between the door and frame.  The door  is then pried open to create a gap between the door and frame to insert a  tool into the car. A local auto glass company tells us that they do  quite a booming business replacing windows that are broken with this  method. In addition this can bend the door creating misalignment,  scratching or gouging and create a whistle or leakage around the edge.  WE DO NOT DO THIS. We would rather go out of the auto lock out business  than damage property in this manner. Before you call a company out for  an auto lock out ask them how they will get into you valuable property.  If they are going to employ “door jacking” tell them “no thanks” and  call a professional.

   This is just one of many examples  of industry shortcuts which we will not practice under any  circumstances. From auto lock outs to rekeying-master keying to door and  frame repairs we feel that your property should look and operate the  same if not better after we leave as it did before we came.  

   Consider this: price is only one  consideration in contracting a service business. If a company is  extraordinarily less expensive than the majority of their competitors  they will likely either "bait and switch" or they will use some  unacceptable shortcuts which you would likely disapprove of given full  knowledge of industry practices.

   At Gainesville Locksmith we have  devoted our lives to the ethical, professional execution of our craft  and we intend to be around for the long haul, not just for the quick  buck. We are thinking toward the future not just to the end of the job.


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 We at Gainesville Locksmith, a full service locksmith in Gainesville FL, take pride in our commitment to excellence in our service and workmanship. We practice only professional, sound methods to insure your security as well as your locks' mechanical well-being. We feel that there is a right way and an expedient way and the two are usually not synonymous. We opt to use the right way. Our motto is "If you give the customer more in user value than what they actually paid for you may not get rich, but you'll never go hungry." We strive to remember that at each and every job. PLEASE let us know how we do in this regard. 

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